Domniki Demetriadou and Steven Lindner from The Workplace Group recently presented research at The Institute of Behavioral and Applied Management Conference called The Job Hopper Construct.

What is Job Hopper Construct?

The purpose of our research is to understand the behavior of people who change jobs frequently, or job hop. Job Hoppers are frequently frowned upon by employers, being considered less than desirable candidates, but when hiring managers are asked to define the characteristics of a Job Hoper, a multitude of criteria and inferences are shared.

A review of the scientific literature shows a general lack of agreement as to who is and how one becomes labeled a job hopper. For example, how many jobs do you need to have and over what period of time in order to be classified as a Job Hopper? Or, do the reasons for changing jobs have any influence on whether you are considered to be a Job Hopper or not? Interestingly enough the limited research on Job Hopping shows that a Job Hoppers job performance often exceeds the performance of those who have longer tenures in their previous job positions.

We have kicked-off our research program on Job Hopping at The Institute of Behavioral and Applied Management Conference. We plan to publish a series of articles and studies focused on Job Hopping which will provide both scientific and applied guidance to Employers, Job Seekers and Researchers.

For more information on Job Hopping and the research surrounding it, please contact us


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