Executive Search

recruiting executive, managerial and senior level talent

Executive Search

Executive search services recruit and assess qualified job candidates for executive, managerial and senior level roles.

The five main steps of our executive search process include:

  1. Creating an Ideal Candidate Profile
  2. Launching the Talent Acquisition Strategy
  3. Evaluating & Qualifying Candidates
  4. Managing the Executive Search & Interview Process
  5. Onboarding New Hire

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Ideal Candidate Profile

The Ideal Candidate Profile creates a complete picture of the candidate to be hired.  The Ideal Candidate Profile describes, clarifies and defines job requirements, work experiences, qualifications, certifications, characteristics, competencies and business philosophies new executives, managers and senior level talent need in order to achieve your business objectives.

Talent Acquisition Strategy

Using the Ideal Candidate Profile — which we built for you — we design and then execute on talent acquisition and assessment strategies to source and assess qualified candidates.  Our executive recruiters represent and promote your company using The WorkPlace Group’s Multimethod-Multisource Candidate Acquisition™ (MMCA™) methodology.  Our MMCA process uses a variety of search tactics and sources, including our own candidate network to attract and identify interested and qualified candidates.

Evaluating & Qualifying Candidates

When it comes to executive, managerial and senior level jobs, finding candidates is often easier than selecting the right one.  Our customized candidate screening and talent assessment methodologies, built using the best in behavioral sciences, identifies the candidates most capable of achieving your business objectives.

Managing the Executive Search & Interview Process

Our executive recruiters will help you through each step of the executive search process.

Candidates will be kept up to date as to their status in the hiring process.  We will assist with coordinating candidate interviews and ensure all candidates arrive prepared for their interviews.

We also will help prepare your management team for interviewing candidates. Our process includes an Interview Guide with questions to ask along with an evaluation matrix for comparing candidate qualifications.  We also conduct candidate review sessions with your management team to guide them through hire and no-hire decisions.

Onboarding New Hire

When it comes time to hire, we are here to help negotiate the job offer and coach you through the job offer process.  Our executive recruiters also can recommend and conduct background investigations to ensure it’s not only the right hire being made but also a safe hire.

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