HR Consulting Services

HR Consulting Services

Because every company has unique challenges, we take a highly customized approach to helping you solve yours

We’re committed to be trusted HR partners to our clients. From small needs to big, our HR consulting services are customizable. Choose your level of support and together let’s energize your workforce to succeed.

Onboarding / New Hire Support

Hiring successfully doesn’t just happen. There are many steps to onboarding new employees and complying with Federal, State and Local employment laws. Our managed team of HR consultants can blend into your organization helping new hires complete background checks, I-9 forms, be added to your payroll, benefits and HR systems, assigned offices and office equipment, and go through a new hire orientation.

Specific HR Functions

HR consulting support can be provided for a variety of HR functions and projects such as open enrollment, benefits administration, HR compliance, employment policy support for employees and off-boarding.

Talent Management & HR Strategy

Our HR Consultants have broad experience across multiple industries and companies.  We bring industry leading Human Capital advice and HR solutions to all sorts of workforce challenges.

HR Strategy consulting services help organizations:

  • Evaluate & optimize organizational structure
  • Create, evaluate & modernize job roles and job descriptions
  • Conduct HR Due Diligence
  • Evaluate HR policies & practices
  • Solve specific workforce challenges
  • Manage specific HR initiatives
  • Create/re-design HR functions
  • Ensure right people are in the right roles
  • Solve specific HR problems (policies, practices & processes)
HR Expert Witness Consulting

The WorkPlace Group’s HR Expert Witness Consultants can be called upon to provide expert witness testimony on issues regarding negligent hiring and retention, harassment, wrongful termination, workplace discrimination, recruiting, employment testing & employment practices.

Success Story: Summary Judgment in Favor of Employer

Fractional CHRO Services

Need a Chief Human Resource Officer (CHRO) without the cost of a full-time HR executive? Our Fractional CHRO services provide HR Executives with deep industry experiences to guide and lead your organization’s people strategy.  Chief Human Resource Officers:

  • Inspire people to achieve results and professional goals
  • Cultivate talent by creating programs that foster employee satisfaction, engagement, and retention.
  • Develop progressive and proactive compensation and benefits programs to motivate, incentivize and reward effective performance.
  • Create human resource programs that strengthen and build Company Culture.
  • Serve as an important confidant to Senior Management, providing expert advice on all HR matters
  • Provide counsel on employee relations and general business management issues relative to human capital
  • Be the problem solver of people issues throughout the Company
  • Collaborate with managers to identify employee performance issues, develop, and implement appropriate measures to provide employees the opportunity to succeed and to take corrective action where necessary
  • Direct HR programs for effective management of people such as affirmative action, sexual harassment, employee complaints, external education and career development
  • Ensure employee communications are consistent and with appropriate frequency
  • Ensure that Human Resource files, documentation, and communications are current and comply with applicable laws
  • Ensure all HR policies and practices are compliant with all Federal, State, and Local employment laws and regulations

Complimentary Consultation

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