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College & Campus Recruiting

College Recruiting Services

College recruiting doesn’t have to be intimidating, overwhelming and logistically difficult. Just leave the candidate sourcing, screening and logistics to us.

The WorkPlace Group® has deep knowledge of the college recruiting process and the various resources available to employers for sourcing, identifying, screening, and recruiting college interns and recent college graduates for entry-level jobs.

We have extensive experience working with career services, university and college departments, affinity groups, alumni organizations, and student organizations to ensure your internships and job opportunities reach and attract the students and recent college graduates you need to recruit and hire.

College Recruiting Services are highly scalable.

Our college recruiting services can source, screen, and manage interview and travel logistics for tens of thousands of candidates for college internships and entry-level jobs. Need help making job offers, onboarding new hires and evaluating your college recruiting program? No problem. We are here to help.

Recruiting Interns and Recent College Graduates

College students and recent college graduates have far more employment options than ever. High competition among employers exists. The demand has never been greater for candidates ready to enter the workforce through internships and full-time employment.

With thousands of universities, colleges and trade schools in the U.S., employers need to be savvy in choosing which schools to recruit from and how to recruit at each of them. To stand out, employers need to be creative and smart in how they make their internships and entry-level job opportunities attractive to students and recent college graduates.

From recruiting strategy to on-boarding, the candidate hiring experience is paramount. A strong positive candidate recruiting and hiring experience makes your job opportunities stand-out. It also helps ensure first-choice intern and recent college graduates will accept your job offer.

The College Recruiting Process

Our College Recruiting Services use a concierge hiring process to anticipate and manage the needs of college students and recent college graduates throughout the hiring experience.

We don’t wait for candidates to reach out to us. We proactively communicate with candidates and ensure they know where they are in the hiring process. And when it comes time to coordinate employment interviews with your hiring managers, candidates will arrive on-time, prepared and ready to interview.

Candidates who need to travel receive 24/7 travel agency assistance to ensure they arrive for their employment interviews in the most cost efficient way, safely and stress-free. Candidate travel expenses are minimized by our smart travel logistic management.

College Recruiting Services help you recruit students and recent graduates for both internships and entry-level positions across universities, colleges and trade schools. It’s everything you need to provide a college recruiting experience that stands out in the job market and delivers the hires you need when you need them.

Complimentary Consultation

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College Recruiting Services Include:
  • College Recruiting Program Design
  • College Recruitment Strategy
  • College Recruiting Process
  • School Selection
  • Campus Event Coordination and Logistics
  • On-Campus Registrations
  • Campus Job Postings
  • Campus Job Fairs
  • Candidate Sourcing
  • Resume Scanning
  • Resume Evaluation
  • Candidate Screening and Evaluation
  • Interview Coordination and Logistics
  • Travel Services and Logistics for Candidates
  • Job Offer Management
  • Onboarding Assistance
  • Applicant Tracking and Management
  • College Recruiting Program Evaluation and ROI