Why Use Recruitment Process Outsourcing?

Why Use Recruitment Process Outsourcing?

Why Use Recruitment Process Outsourcing?

Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) providers are service providers specializing in recruitment who represent employers. They serve as an extension of an employer’s recruiting function or in some instances as the employer’s recruiting department. RPO providers offer a range of services from Project Recruiting to end-to-end Recruitment Process Outsourcing. Recruitment Process Outsourcing providers also vary significantly in terms of their capabilities and areas of focus. In our article, What is Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO), we provide an overview of Recruitment Outsourcing and Recruitment Process Outsourcing. In this article we will answer the question why use recruitment process outsourcing?

Why Partner with a Recruitment Process Outsourcing Provider?

Employers outsource recruiting to gain the expertise, resources, and/or scalability they need to effectively respond to the continual ebbs and flows of hiring. Many outsourced recruiting programs often begin as recruitment projects due to rapid growth, corporate expansion, or opening a new location.

Companies outsource recruiting because hiring needs are difficult to predict. There are peaks and valleys that leave in-house recruiting departments either understaffed or overstaffed. In addition, the various skill sets and talent that organizations need to hire require staffing and recruiting departments to have expertise, methodologies, and sourcing strategies to attract and acquire the full range of non-exempt, exempt, technical, and managerial talent across a variety of functional areas like Sales, Marketing, Customer Service, and Research and Development.

Most organizations can’t afford the luxury of having idle recruitment resources or employing all the recruiting expertise they need to effectively respond to their own hiring needs. For example, few companies have the capability to instantaneously add 10 recruiters to a hiring initiative and then remove them a few hours later when the candidate pipeline is full. Furthermore, few companies have recruiters and assessments capable of consistently evaluating candidates from a multitude of occupations.

Use a Project Recruiting RPO Strategy for Short Term Needs

Recruitment Process Outsourcing generally means a multi-year commitment. Most RPO agreements are 2 to 5 years in length with renewable terms.  Here’s a link to an overview of Recruitment Process Outsourcing services and solutions.

However many Recruitment Process Outsourcing providers, such as The WorkPlace Group, offer project recruiting RPO programs for shorter-term recruitment needs.  Project Recruiting RPO services are a great way to get the recruiting support needed as well as test out the RPO model before committing to a long-term strategic partnership.

Project Recruiting RPO partnerships have become a common strategy for Talent Acquisition and Recruitment departments to use to fulfill their companies’ need for talent. In fact, many recruitment process outsourcing programs start as recruiting projects. Project Recruiting RPO engagements often start as short-term projects and continue on for years. Project Recruiting RPO projects might focus on a particular division or job family, or support a corporate recruitment department across the entire company during peak hiring periods.

Project Recruiting RPO services provide employers with the scalability and recruiting and process expertise they need to get through high-volume or specialized recruiting needs. Project Recruiting RPO strategies can maximize the cost benefits of other recruitment options such as contract recruiters, staffing agencies and recruitment search firms. If your needs are short-term or narrow in scope, look for Recruitment Process Outsourcing providers who provide Project Recruiting RPO services.

Why Recruitment Process Outsourcing has strategic benefits beyond cost-savings?

Cost savings is often a big driver of why a company initially becomes interested in Recruitment Process Outsourcing services. However, Recruitment Outsourcing strategies that stop at costs savings are missing what is far more valuable.

Achieving meaningful recruitment results requires much more than a dedicated team with diverse expertise willing to work long hours. Achieving results important enough to be cited in a client company’s annual report, for example, requires a team that is coordinated, responsive, and overseen by managers with a strong appreciation and keen insight into the clients business environment and challenges.

To give you a specific example, The WorkPlace Group helped one the worlds largest and most comprehensive drug development services company double its volume of new hires, bringing in approximately 1,600 employees on board in a single year. While doubling hiring volume, they also helped the company decrease their overall cost-per-hire by approximately 15% and improved time-to-fill by 10%.

In this example, the most important benefit to the company’s business was not the 15% cost savings. It was the additional revenue they were able to generate by reducing the time-to-hire and having 1,600 individuals productive 10% sooner. That’s the kind of impact that gets the attention of C-level Executives.

To explore how recruitment process outsourcing can help you, please contact us here at The WorkPlace Group.

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