Recruitment Methodology

Advanced recruitment capabilities to source & assess
the candidates your managers will want to hire.

Recruitment Methodology

Advanced candidate sourcing and screening capabilities — built using the best in behavioral science — brings smart, data-driven recruitment for making the right hires happen.

Multimethod-Multisource Candidate Acquisition (MMCA) : This proprietary recruiting methodology builds all-inclusive talent pipelines for each of your unique openings and locations. The MMCA deploys passive and active candidate sourcing strategies to attract and acquire an all-inclusive talent pool that precisely matches position requirements and culture.

WPG Candidate Networks: Hundreds of thousands of candidates strong and constantly expanding. Our networks consist of hourly labor to senior level directors, and everything in between.

WPG Web Screens: Position-specific assessments to ensure candidates meet minimum job requirements.

WPG Resume Checklists: Go beyond “key words” on a resume to consistently identify candidates that best meet position requirements.

WPG Structured Phone Screens: Position specific recruiting assessments that identify best talent on the basis of their job knowledge, experiences, skills and job fit.

WPG Candidate Assessments: Bring candidate evaluation to the highest level of precision. WPG Candidate Assessments are talent assessments customized specifically to your unique positions. As a pioneer in the use of talent assessments, we possess an extensive library of assessments for a variety of positions across different functions, industries and geographies.

WPG Concierge Hiring: Talent Acquisition, Recruitment and Hiring support that anticipates candidate and client needs.

Candidate Screening & Assessment Tools

WPG Web Screens™
WPG Web Screens are position-specific assessments that ensure candidates meet minimum job requirements.  WPG Web Screens quickly narrow down the candidate pool to candidates meeting minimum requirements.
WPG Resume Checklists™
Go beyond “key words” on a resume to consistently identify candidates that best meet position requirements.
WPG Structured Candidate Screens™
WPG Structured Candidate Screens are position-specific assessments used to evaluate job knowledge, work experiences, skills, competencies and job fit.  WPG Structured Candidate Screens are administered by a “live” interviewer or via video-interview platform.
WPG Candidate Assessments™
Recommended for Executive, Managerial and customer-facing roles such as Sales & Customer Service.

WPG Candidate Assessments are position-specific talent assessments. They identify candidates with the core competencies for successful job performance. WPG Candidate Assessments can be combined with other simulations, test batteries and inventories to obtain a holistic view of candidates’ aptitudes and characteristics.  WPG Candidate Assessments are administered by trained WPG interviewers.

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