Employee satisfaction has a strong influence on retention. Did you know that organizations with high turnover typically have large numbers of dissatisfiedworkers? Where does all this dissatisfaction come from? It comes from individuals expectations of the employer not being met. The good news is that through upfront communication, retention and employee satisfaction can be increased.

What Can You Do To Increase Retention During the Hiring Process?

During the selection process, candidates should receive an accurate portrayal of what it is like to work in your organization. They should be given detailed information on:

  • Their job tasks and responsibilities.
  • Their performance expectations.
  • The work environment and the place(s) they will work, including working hours and who their coworkers are.
  • The companys code of ethics and workplace norms.

In a tight labor market or in highly competitive industries, employers sometimes feel they need to sell the organization in order to attract candidates, and so they highlight the positives, and minimize (or completely ignore) the negatives. Presenting a balanced picture of both the negative and positive aspects of your organization is a better long-term strategy. It prevents individuals from forming false expectations about your organization and their job that will come back to haunt you later in the form of a dissatisfied employee.

Once hired, employees need to receive and/or witness those things management promised to do or provide. Honesty in employment means that management fully states its intentions, does as it says it will do, openly communicates the risks and potential for shortcomings, states what it expects, and is clear about who gets what for the level of effort, performance, or result that is achieved.

A little increase in the communication of expectations can go a long way in keeping good employees happy and within your organization. What strategies have you used to increase employee retention?

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