Recruitment Challenge

As a result of a corporate restructuring, the client saw over 50% of their sales force, unexpectedly, exit their organization. This left the client seriously understaffed. As a result, the client needed to replace these sales professionals as well as fill job openings due to regular turnover. Quick hiring was needed. The client’s situation was further complicated by being located in highly-competitive job market areas.

Recruiting Best Practices

The WorkPlace Group implemented an intense, 7-day-per-week recruiting initiative. Job candidates for sales positions were hired for training classes that took place every 2 weeks at multiple locations. New candidates were onboarded as soon as training facilities became-available.

We provided a consistent flow of qualified new candidates-by using our Multimethod-Multisource Candidate Acquisition, WPG Web Screens, WPG Candidate Assessments, and our Concierge Hiring Process Management.


In comparison to hires that occurred prior to implementing The WorkPlace Group’s recruitment services:

  • New hires produced positive sales growth for the first time in three years
  • 60% decrease in new hire turnover post-completion of client’s sales training
  • Reduced recruitment costs by $1,000,000 (representing a 27% decrease in client’s overall recruiting costs)
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