Recruitment Challenge

This was a complex recruiting initiative with many newly created job functions as a result of corporate restructuring and relocation to new sites. 1,500 hires were needed in multiple states.

Recruiting Best Practices

Working in partnership with the client, a recruitment strategy and hiring process was designed to facilitate talent acquisition, candidate selection and onboarding procedures across new locations.

The WorkPlace Group was responsible for talent acquisition, talent assessment, candidate interview logistics, candidate travel logistics and processing job offer decisions.

To manage recruiting volume and fluctuating hiring priorities, The WorkPlace Group implemented its Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) services. This provided the client with a managed team of talent acquisition experts and recruiters supported by an on-demand, scalable team of additional talent acquisition associates.

To help the client manage job offers, background checks, and onboarding procedures, an additional team of managed WorkPlace Group associates was added on-site to support the client’s in-house recruitment team.

The WorkPlace Group’s Multimethod-Multisource Candidate Acquisition (MMCA) was used to source candidates across positions and locations. Candidates were evaluated and qualified using WPG’s Structured Resume Checklists, WPG Web Screens, and WPG’s Structured Assessments, which incorporated client’s candidate phone screens.

Interview and candidate travel logistics were managed for thousands of job candidates travelling to and from dozens of locations across the U.S. Candidates were provided with 24/7 travel assistance and received prepaid travel services.

The WorkPlace Group worked as a seamless, extension of client’s talent acquisition team. Our recruitment expertise, methodology and scalability provided the client with the resources and capability they needed to fulfill their hiring requirements.


  • 35,000 applications were processed as a result of active and passive candidate sourcing activities
  • The top 5,000 candidates were interviewed by hiring managers
  • At least 1 out of every 3 interviewed candidates received a job offer
  • Candidate travel expenses were below Client’s budget by optimizing travel logistics
  • All candidates were hired within client’s timeline
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