Recruitment Challenge

When it comes to hiring a key executive or candidates with specialized skills and knowledge, finding candidates is often easier than selecting the right one.

Groupthink can happen. Choosing candidates based on popularity can trump hiring managers’ independent and objective thinking. Candidates must satisfy all the “must have” requirements as well as fit in and complement the corporate culture.

The ability to select candidates who can successfully navigate through critical tasks and decisions is what separates a hire that does not quite cut it from one who becomes invaluable.

Recruiting Best Practices

Specialized Skill Set Recruiting and High Volume Recruiting services were implemented.

The recruitment process began by defining Ideal Candidate Profiles for each of the client’s open positions. From here, Multimethod-Multisource Candidate Acquisition (MMCA) was used to source candidates precisely matching position requirements. Candidate screening and talent assessment methodologies built using the best in behavioral sciences – ensured only the most qualified candidates’ were recommended to hiring managers.

After hiring managers interviewed candidates, debriefing sessions were held to assist them in making objective hiring decisions. As the recruiting partner, we kept hiring managers focused on objective indicators of candidates technical and behavioral competencies to meet the business needs.


  • Hiring managers report high satisfaction with candidate quality, diversity of candidate choice, and high confidence in the success of the candidate hired.
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