Recruitment Challenge

While managing the development of a large city building, unexpected artifacts were found that halted construction. Our client needed to hire an archaeologist to evaluate artifacts and provide guidance on development plans.

With no other archaeologists on staff, the client lacked a job description and salary range for this role. As archeologists typically work for universities, government agencies and museums, recruiting an archaeologist to be an employee of a professional services firm was somewhat unusual.

Recruiting Best Practices

Since this was a brand new position, we began by developing a job description. We then created an Ideal Candidate Profile. This profile defined the knowledge, skills and other competencies the candidate needed to have in order to successfully perform the job.

The Ideal Candidate Profile was then used to guide our talent acquisition and assessment strategy.

Our Multimethod-Multisource Candidate Acquisition (MMCA) system sourced several archaeologists who matched the client’s requirements. As archaeologists don’t typically review job ads on Monster or CareerBuilder, candidate research and outreach were the primary channels used. Our candidate screening and talent assessment methodologies built using the best in behavioral sciences – ensured only the most qualified archaeologists were interviewed by the client’s hiring team.


  • Our Indiana Jones, “the archaeologist,” was sourced, interviewed and hired within 45 days.
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