On-Demand Candidate Screening

Screen & Qualify Candidates with on-demand recruiters & recruitment technology

On-Demand Candidate Screening

With scalability to screen & qualify 10 to 100,000+ job candidates, On-Demand Candidate Screening provides your in-house talent acquisition & recruiting team with the support they need to stay ahead of the hiring curve.

A managed team of WPG recruiters blend into your organization appearing as a seamless extension of your team.  Job candidates are screened, assessed and qualified using your preferred screening process and tools.

Lack effective screening tools or need to enhance your candidate screening and assessment process?

The WorkPlace Group’s customized candidate screening and talent assessment methodologies – built using the best in behavioral sciences – ensure only the most qualified candidates are interviewed by your hiring managers.


Candidate Screening & Assessment Tools

WPG Web Screens™
WPG Web Screens are position-specific assessments that ensure candidates meet minimum job requirements.  WPG Web Screens quickly narrow down the candidate pool to candidates meeting minimum requirements.
WPG Resume Checklists™
Go beyond “key words” on a resume to consistently identify candidates that best meet position requirements.
WPG Structured Candidate Screens™
WPG Structured Candidate Screens are position-specific assessments used to evaluate job knowledge, work experiences, skills, competencies and job fit.  WPG Structured Candidate Screens are administered by a “live” interviewer or via video-interview platform.
WPG Candidate Assessments™

Recommended for Executive, Managerial and customer-facing roles such as Sales & Customer Service.

WPG Candidate Assessments are position-specific talent assessments. They identify candidates with the core competencies for successful job performance. WPG Candidate Assessments can be combined with other simulations, test batteries and inventories to obtain a holistic view of candidates’ aptitudes and characteristics.  WPG Candidate Assessments are administered by trained WPG interviewers.


Visit Talent Assessments for more information regarding our talent assessment services


On-Demand Candidate Screening is perfect for:

  • Helping corporate recruiters screen & qualify candidates for specific roles or across the entire organization
  • Enhancing & improving how candidates are screened and qualified
  • Providing candidates with a consistent, high-touch, high-quality pre-qualification process

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