On-Demand Recruiting Teams

Whether you need one recruiter or a team to support your hiring needs, you
can count on us.

On-Demand Recruiting Teams

Recruiters Ready to Support On-Site, In-House Corporate Recruiting

It takes recruiting expertise to recruit and assess candidates worth hiring.

Talent acquisition and assessment science define the think tank style recruiting of The WorkPlace Group®.

To make the best hires happen, our managed team of expert recruiters use advance candidate sourcing and assessment methodologies, recruitment intelligence, and data analytics.

The WorkPlace Group’s Multimethod-Multisource Candidate Acquisition™ (MMCA™) system helps our recruiters find and source candidates precisely matching position requirements.

The WorkPlace Group’s customized candidate screening and talent assessment methodologies built using the best in behavioral sciences – ensure only the most qualified candidates are interviewed by your hiring managers.

On-Demand Recruiting Solutions

We can scale very rapidly, handling hiring needs from 10 to 10,000 with one to many recruiters ready to assist you.

Our On-Demand Recruiting Teams provide a managed solution for employers needing ready-to-go recruiters.

Let’s face it, you can certainly hire a contract recruiter through a temporary staffing agency. However, think about what you are getting. A contract recruiter knows its temporary and probably really wants a full time job. Instead they are working for a staffing company they have no support from – it’s simply a payroll provider. Contract recruiters rely on the recruiting tools, systems and candidates you give them and of course you will need to manage and eventually off board them.

With our On-Demand Recruiting Team solution we match your recruiting needs with expert recruiters on our team who carry out your talent acquisition needs using our recruiting and assessment systems in a well-managed, coordinated, and collaborative fashion. To the outside world and your hiring managers, we will appear as just a recruiter on your corporate in-house talent acquisition team.

Sometimes you need recruiters interacting with hiring managers and candidates and blending in as if they were one of your employees. Other times you need recruiters sourcing, screening, qualifying and assisting with interview logistics, job offers and onboarding tasks. Our On-Demand Recruiting Teams gives you just the level of recruiting prowess you need when you need it.


On-Demand Recruiting Teams are perfect for:

  • Supporting in-house, corporate recruiters with candidate sourcing, screening, interview logistics and onboarding
  • Recruiting and Staffing needs across your organization
  • Recruiting and Staffing needs during high-volume and peak hiring periods
  • Recruiting and Staffing needs for seasonal hiring needs
  • Candidate Souring and Pipeline Development

Complimentary Consultation

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