Coaching & Mentoring Talent Development Services

Smart science to hire and develop talent who matter

Coaching & Mentoring Talent Development Services

Coaching & Mentoring Talent Development services keep talent who matter high-performing and engaged.

Industrial-Organizational Psychologists and expert coaches conduct individualized assessments and deliver coaching & mentoring sessions virtually via phone and web conference.

Talent assessments often include a series of psychometric tests and inventories to assist with skill building and workplace strategies. Our 6-step talent development process addresses specific workplace challenges of individuals at critical career stages.

Coaching & Mentoring Talent Development services include:

On-Demand Coaching & Advisory Services

Have an immediate work-related stressor or issue to resolve?

Need expert advice on how to deal with sensitive and critical organizational and workplace issues?

Looking for strategies to resolve and handle difficult work-related events?

Industrial-Organizational Psychologists and Expert Coaches are available on-demand to provide advice on handling sensitive and important organizational issues as well as help with strategies for managing work-related stressors.

100-Day Program for Recently Hired – Coaching, Mentoring & Assessment

Why do most external hires fail in a new job? It’s not for lack of experience.

What happens during the first 100 days in a new job strongly determines first-year success and tenure.  It’s a critical time during which individuals acclimate themselves to the team, the culture and dynamics of the organization as well as the corporate business needs and imperatives.  It’s also the time when new hires are evaluating how they can make an impact and best deliver what is expected of them.

100-day New Hire Coaching & Mentoring provides expert assessment, coaching & mentoring to help newly hired high potentials, managers & executives achieve their first-year objectives.

Emerging Leaders & Rising Stars – Coaching, Mentoring & Assessment

Nearly half of internal job moves made by people identified by their companies as “high potentials” end in failure. Assuming that current high performance equals future potential is just that – an assumption.

Emerging Leaders and Rising Stars often feel ready to take on advanced roles before they really are. Many top performers often lack critical attributes essential to their success in future roles. Strong technical or functional competency doesn’t necessarily translate to being effective at managing and leading others.

Frustration can lead to underperformance, “burn-out”, failure and turnover.

Individualized assessments and coaching sessions help Emerging Leaders & Rising Stars, pre- and post-promotion, unleash their talent and prevent derailment.


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Complimentary Consultation

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