HR Consulting Services

HR Consulting Services

Smart HR Solutions to Workforce Problems

Intelligent HR solutions. That’s what we provide.

We don’t just take on a project and deliver one-size-fits-all programs and services.

Our think-tank HR consulting services clearly delineate client objectives and identify root causes of HR problems. From there, we develop HR solutions that deliver true ROI to our clients in the most cost-effective manner.

We’re committed to being trusted HR partners to our clients. Since 1997, our think-tank HR consulting has solved some of the most challenging talent acquisition, assessment and development needs of the world’s most recognized companies.

Talent Acquisition Strategy & Practices

With 20+ years of experience recruiting talent for companies across the globe, we know what it takes to hire great talent. As thought leaders in talent acquisition, The WorkPlace Group’s think-tank approach helps employers:

  • Evaluate and improve recruitment practices & processes
  • Develop recruitment analytics to forecast candidate pipeline needs
  • Evaluate and implement recruitment technologies
  • Design and build a talent acquisition function to support current and future organizational needs
  • Develop and implement talent acquisition strategies to address talent needs and talent gaps
  • Develop, select and implement talent assessment tools to help hire the right candidates (See talent assessment services for more information.)
Job Market & Compensation Research

The WorkPlace Group® is a strategic partner with 
We leverage real-time wage data across thousands of markets to:

  • Evaluate & recommend job markets to recruit talent from
  • Evaluate & recommend locations for business expansions / relocations
  • Develop winning job offer and employment strategies for competing for talent in target job markets
Employer Branding & Effectiveness

The WorkPlace Group’s experts can help you analyze and re-invent your Employer Brand by diagnosing problem areas and identifying opportunities for improvement.

  • Is your Employer Brand effective?
  • Are you attracting and engaging the right candidates?
  • Are candidates positively experiencing your hiring process?
  • What are the biggest opportunities for improvement?

The WorkPlace Group’s consultative process will answer these questions and more and help your company maximize the effectiveness of your Employer Brand.

Competency Modeling & Selection

The WorkPlace Group brings over 20 years of behavioral science and thought leadership to helping employers stay current on how they assess and hire candidates.  With rapid changes to today’s jobs and the shifting nature of work, predicting job performance, job tenure, emerging leaders and rising stars requires a whole new perspective.

  • Identify and validate “Predictors” of important workplace criteria like job performance and tenure
  • Develop competency models for specific roles and job families
  • Identify competencies of Emerging Leaders and Rising Stars (See talent assessment services for more information.)
  • Integrate competency models into hiring, talent development, performance management, and succession planning systems and processes
  • Validate selection systems to ensure they yield the right hires in a legally defensible way
Employee Retention & Turnover

Excessive employee turnover hurts your employer brand, disrupts your organization, and increases training and recruitment costs. The WorkPlace Group’s thought leadership approach can help you get to the root causes and develop strategies for reducing avoidable and undesirable turnover.

  • Identify root causes and evaluate solutions to employee turnover
  • Design and implement employee retention strategies
  • Assess “new hire” experiences with recruiting, onboarding and post-hire employment practices
  • Design and conduct Employee Engagement Surveys
  • Design and conduct Exit Interviews and Surveys
Litigation Support

The WorkPlace Group’s Talent Acquisition & Development experts can be called upon to serve as Expert Witnesses and Advisors to assist employers’ legal teams on claims involving recruiting, candidate assessment, candidate selection, tests and measures, and hiring and employment practices.

Success Story: Summary Judgment in Favor of Employer

Complimentary Consultation

Get help trouble-shooting your recruitment challenges with a complimentary consultation.