Recruiting Process

Expert recruitment know-how and scalability... Just think of us as part of
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Recruiting Process

At The WorkPlace Group®, we’re committed to meeting your company’s employment needs while improving your overall hiring experience with our unique recruiting process. It’s part of the think-tank approach that we take with our clients, and it’s one of the ways that we can make your recruitment processes more efficient and effective.

We customize our recruiting process for each client to be aligned with their internal hiring process. This allows us to serve as an extension of your employment brand.

Beyond a Job Description

Our recruiting process is backed by a thorough analysis of the job market as well as input from our clients. We’ll work with you to create a custom checklist of desired skills and personal qualities, which will in turn help us find candidates who have the ability to perform to your standards as well as fit in with the company’s culture. Our Multimethod-Multisource Candidate Acquisition approach sources the talent that precisely matches your position requirements and culture.

Candidate Assessment

We thoroughly assess every candidate, using our proprietary tools to evaluate candidates to your specific requirements.

WPG Web Screens: Position-specific assessments for ensuring candidates meet minimum job requirements.

WPG Resume Checklists: Go beyond “keywords” on a resume to consistently identify candidates that best meet position requirements.

WPG Structured Phone Screens: Position specific tools that identify best talent on the basis of their job knowledge, experiences, skills and “job fit”.

WPG Candidate Assessments: Tools designed to assess knowledge, skills and competencies that lead to success in the workplace.

Recruiting Process Management

From requisition to on-boarding, and everything in between, it takes comprehensive support to make hires happen. And you can count on us to provide the services you need at every stage of the recruiting process, including the design of the recruitment process, talent acquisition and assessment, interview coordination, background and reference checks, offer processing, on-boarding, metrics, report generation, and vendor management.

When you establish a recruitment partnership with The WorkPlace Group® you get a recruiting partner ready to serve your needs.

Complimentary Consultation

Get help trouble-shooting your recruitment challenges with a complimentary consultation.