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Recruitment Services
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Find the right solution for your hiring needs. Interview-worthy candidates for specific positions to customized large scale and outsourced solutions for sourcing, screening and managing the hiring of thousands of candidates.

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Recruitment Services For Employers


Explore our job opportunities and share your resume with us. Our team represents employers and ensures your qualifications are reviewed by hiring managers.

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Build Your Team With Our Recruitment Process Outsourcing, Talent Acquisition Solutions & Project-Based Recruiting

We are your plug and play talent acquisition and hiring team. Our recruiters are empowered with recruitment technology and data analytics.  Just think of us as an extension of your corporate family.

Our recruitment solutions help employers source, screen and assess the best talent on the market. From interview worthy candidates for specific positions to screening and managing the hiring process for thousands of candidates, our services scale to your needs.

We serve a wide range of companies, from mid-sized businesses to global corporations. We can handle hiring initiatives of all sizes, from a few individual positions to hundreds of hires each month. We also measure our success in more than just traditional recruitment metrics – we strive to satisfy our clients’ stakeholders and become trusted strategic advisors.


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The WorkPlace Group Recruitment Services

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